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Uncanny Cardboard Website (Mobile)

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Uncanny Cardboard is a 1-man independent boardgame publisher based in Dublin, Ireland. The project scope was to design a website with an online store.


Overwhelming response to my survey from the online tabletop gaming community. Responses were further synthesised into an affinity map.

I sent out a survey to gaming communities online to find out their buying habits and their general opinion on publishers’ websites. I received overwhelming response in a matter of days, giving me more than enough data to produce an affinity map and 2 personas.

Based on the survey, a huge majority do not shop from publishers’ websites simply because they can find better deals on price and shipping elsewhere e.g. Amazon. They also prefer seeing a variety of games from different publishers so they can compare. Others also mentioned they don’t always know the publisher, while others prefer to support their friendly local game store.

People visit publishers’ websites mainly to get information on new game releases or about a particular game. Those who buy direct from publishers do so for exclusive deals (pre-order discounts, limited edition releases, etc.) or as a last resort i.e. out of stock at local game store, publisher has the only stock, Kickstarter finished but still honoring deal at website. Some do so to support the publisher, but only if they are small business with no distributors – like Uncanny Cardboard.

The survey results and user journey map helped me determine the information architecture. The business goal was to provide a good website experience to their customers, not so much to drive sales. The client did mention that publishers generally do not have lower prices than retailers as they rely on the latter for distribution. It would not be in their best interest to compete with their distributors.

Thus, the Uncanny Cardboard website is primarily a source of information. The home page comprises a hero section for special announcements, followed by Latest News, then a link to the shop.

The Uncanny Cardboard website was designed mobile-first, progressing from low fidelity wireframes to high fidelity visual design. Views included Home, News, About, Freebies, Shop, Contact, and the checkout process from cart summary all the way to payment confirmation.

Design Decisions

Colour Palette
The colour palette is based on Uncanny Cardboard’s branding, using green for interactive elements e.g. links and buttons.

Important Information
In addition to price, some of the most important information about a game include number of players and duration. I placed these details right below the product images, above the fold, so they are easy to spot.

Customers can also view shipping information on the product page so they don’t have to wait till the checkout process to find out. 

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