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User Persona for a Tabletop Game Publisher Website

by - 3:58 PM

This was one of the personas I created for an ongoing project to design a website for an independent tabletop game publisher.

The data was based on the responses to the survey I sent out to online boardgame communities worldwide. I am pleased to receive an overwhelming response and will share the results once this website project is over.

The persona includes behaviours, where it describes how often the persona plays tabletop games and her purchasing motivators, as well as her goals and frustrations when visiting publisher's websites and buying games online as a whole.

The first slider indicates where she is in the playing frequency spectrum – whether she is a Gaming Noob, one who has only been to a gaming meetup once at the maximum... or a Meetup Regular, one who plays on a weekly or more basis.

The second slider indicates her buying personality – whether she is a Practical Shopper, always aiming for the best deal... or Sky's the Limit, one who does not see price as a deciding factor when buying games.

The items to the right of the sliders show buying habits, how often to buy new games and the reasons behind them.

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